WP Consultants – Roofing, Waterproofing, Concrete Restoration Engineers – 321-455-1616 – Holly Gibney, Principal – When contacted Joe Ludwig said “quality is over-the-top. They are our preferred contractor when doing any work on the West Coast of Florida.”

Jobs completed – Celebration 210, 215 & 220 three buildings for none other than Walt Disney Properties. Other WP Consultants projects are Longwood Business Center, St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, and Premier Point.

Camellia Properties – 941-778-8000 – Dan Talley – When contacted Dan said “they are incredible. I highly recommend them!” Job completed – Marebella

C & S Management – 941-758-9454 ext. 102 – Dan Arens – When contacted Dan said “I called Joel Zalud the owner after hours around six o’clock on Valentine’s Day and he answered the phone. I will never forget this type of service!” Jobs completed – Sonoma (Phase I & II)

Palmer Properties – 941-740-4440Dave Palmer – When contacted Dave said “we did two large properties and had not one complaint. I was blown away! John and Joel will get my work from now on!”

Capri Property Management – 941-412-0449 – Monica Iacoma or Debbie Green – When contacted Monica said “great company to work with.” Jobs completed – South Preserve I, Hidden lakes, and Buckingham Meadows.

AMI – 941-493-0287 – Donna Jordan and Cathy Wiggins – When contacted Cathy said “they even did my personal home and not a drop of paint went anywhere but where it was supposed to!” Jobs completed – Villas of Sommerset Plantation and Harrington Lakes.

Barlow Group – 941-927-1946 – Clive Burnett or Alma Groone – When contacted Clive said “it was unique to have a contractor come back to correct issues without any argument.” Alma said “they did a great job communicating.” Job completed Hidden Bay Baypointe I.

Charlotte Regional Medical Center – 941-639-3131 – Camilla Robbins Executive Administrator – When contacted Camilla said “yes I remember Joel; he was a very nice man. They did really great work and I would tell you if they didn’t.” Job completed – Charlotte Regional Medical Center

Sun State Management Group – 941-400-5715 – Michelle Thibeault – When contacted Michelle said “they are the best I use for painting. They are polite and do excellent work.”

Argus of Venice – 941-408-7413 – Barbara O’Grady – When contacted Barbara told Desiree Young-Nelson to answer “Oh My God I LOVE Them!” Projects completed – Kensington Park and Westchester Gardens